The DC Chess League


A note from the executive director:

Congratulations to our worthy winners of the Emory Tate Board Prizes for our recently concluded Summer Season! In the Open, Oliver Kayende (Black Knights) was completely unstoppable, scoring 4-0! As for the Amateur, we had a tie- and it can be well observed why The Knight's Watch was such a force, having two players at 3.5-0.5, Levon Bagramian and Thomas Shupe. These awards, as well as the team titles for Arlington Argyles and The Knight's Watch, will be presented at our Awards Ceremony, November 11, at Arlington Chess Club.


A note from the executive director:

We have just completed the Summer Season, congratulations to our champions! A very narrow win in the Open Section for the Arlington Argyles, while The Knight's Watch made an impressive debut in the Amateur! Great stuff by both teams against determined opposition- and now we are ready for more! Round 1 is October 14, so I am looking to hear from our teams- my email is - by October 4. Let me know whether you are looking to play in the Open or our Amateur section, and please refer to our Rules re eligibility. We have our first four rounds set, Oct14/ Nov11/ Dec9/ Jan6. Our time control remains as 30/90, g/60, d/5. As before, if teams find a particular date inconvenient but can mutually agree to reschedule, this is typically not a problem. We also have news from the Black Knights, they have a suitable Host location, as agreed by a clear majority of our captains at the DC Chess League Winter Season Meeting. Seeing is believing, the Meeting was held at St Paul Christian Community Church, plenty of space for multiple matches ( apparently DeanWood plans to use this as a Host location as well if they have a team this season ) and for free parking. Given this news, our Summer rule of having all of the matches at Arlington Chess Club goes by the wayside, teams are able to have their own Host location. Please be sure to tell me your Host location when you send me your Team information! As for payment, dues are $12.00 per board, for both sections- so the Entry Fee for the Open Section is now $72.00, $48.00 for our Amateur Section. I expect our Treasurer, Bill Simmons, will post his contact information shortly, but I can remind that checks are payable to DC Chess League, thanks! Once I have the team information, I will be able to verify eligibility and send pairings, that should be done by October 6. Cheers to a new season! -Andrew Rea, Executive Director